A learn undertaken by Idaho State University during 2001-2002 investigated the circulation of dance and cheer programs by the NCAA Division I class (Hennefer, A., Sowder, K., Pemberton, C., & Easterly, D, 2003). The intention of the learn was to discern whether the authors could construct a case for the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and NCAA as sport recognition.
NCAA Division I Sponsored Cheer and Dance Teams
Although the NCAA does never acknowledge cheer and dance as "sports", individual universities and seminaries may sponsor their teams and appoint their teams as varsity sports. At the phase this learn was undertaken, 312 campuses had NCAA Division I status. According to the study 192 campuses sponsored competitive dance teams and 212 universities sponsored competitive cheer teams (Hennefer,Jordan 4 Thunder,Jordan 1 Retro Books About Superstition – Science plus Myth, A., et. el., 2003).

Although some partial scholarships were provided (15.7% as dance; 36.8% for cheer), there were no full scholarships provided as dance and only 1.1% of institutions provided full scholarships as cheer,Jordan 1 Retro Character Reference Letter Templates.

The height sources of funding as dance and cheer were split between athletics (29,Retro Jordan 4.7% as dance, 45.9% for cheer), institutional asset (28.1% for dance, 31,www.retrojordan4thunder.com/.9% as cheer), and fundraising seven.6% as dance,8.1% as cheer).
NCAA Adopts College Cheerleading Safety Initiative
The NCAA has also shown support forward adopting the "College Cheerleading Safety Initiative" (CCSI). This initiative was amplified along the American Association for Cheerleading Administrators and Coaches (AACCA) to "educate administrators aboard cheerleading safety and encourage institutions to device guidelines that ambition improve secure practices" (NCAA News, June 18, 2007),www.jordanretro9.org/.

According to the American Association as Cheerleading Administrators and Coaches website, the 2008-2009 College Safety Rules cater a list of basic program guidelines as well as characteristic safety requirements as a number of stunts including partner stunts, pyramids, and darts The document likewise provides examples of allowable and illegal pushes as well as a characteristic account of prohibited capabilities as tribunal surfaces.
Read aboard Cheerleading Remains Most Dangerous Female Sport Competitive Cheer and Dance as Sports Education and Certification as Cheer Coaches
Taking it one step beyond effective August one 2006, the NCAA partnered with Varsity Brands (parent company of national cheer organizations) to oblige that cheerleading activities be supervised along a safety certified coach or advisor amid order to be covered below the NCAAs catastrophic injury insurance (NCAA Insurance Programs, NCAA).
Competitive Cheer and Dance and Title IX
Competitive Cheer was added according with water polo to assure Title IX compliance at the University of Maryland, College Park (Rosenberg, NCAA News,Jordan Bred 4, October 27, 2003). The university saw at the viability of four womens sports and chose competitive cheer because of a lofty level of interest" from the student body and continued pursuance of varsity status.

One of the purposes of Title IX of the Education Amendment (passed 1972) was to assure gender equity surrounded educational opportunities including educational-athletic opportunities. The question of how cheerleading and dance squads eligible in with Title IX namely a controversial an.

As long as competitive cheer and dance are considered "varsity sports" and the athletes are provided the same status as any other sport,Jordan 1 Retro Black Static Issue 17 from TTA Press, Reviewed, these players may be counted towards Title IX gender equity ("Gender Equity Q&A", February 14, 2005, NCAA Website). However,Jordan Retro 9, girls and young women who are principally involved surrounded cheer as a advocate team for other sports should not be counted
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