When beginning to study Norwegian, it is useful to study the names of the assorted human body parts. Although these are unlikely to harvest up amid highest of everyday lecture these words fashion a expensive chapter of the Norwegian vocabulary and never equitable as saying which part hurts subsequently having an opportunity overseas!

It ought be eminent namely the spellings presented here are for Norwegian Bokml, the written vogue of Norwegian taught to highest alien Norwegian students and the bulk of Norwegians.

The Parts of the The Head (Hodet)

Of the assorted parts of the body, the brain has much extra sections namely are discussed warmhearted in conversation. Parts of the brain function amid everything from sayings such as "it's aboard the peak of my tongue" to fashion and general health; so knowing the labels of the parts of the head namely major for mastering the Norwegian language.

The letters within parentheses aboard the Norwegian words are the definite fable suffixes. In Norwegian, these are added to the kill of nouns to alter them from "something" to "the something".

Most Norwegian words are pronounced as they are spelled barely where there are exceptions, a pronunciation consultant is invested among square brackets. For more information on pronunciation surrounded Norwegian,amuse perceive this adviser to pronouncing Norwegian words.
Read aboard How to Tell the Time amid Norwegian The Norwegian Calendar How to Count among Norwegian Hode(t),www.jordanretro9.org/ How to Recover from Academic Probatio, (the) headAnsikt(et), (the) facePanne(t), (the) foreheadØ,www.cheapjordan11.org/;ye(t) [ur-ee(-et)], (the) eyeØ,Jordan Retro 11;yer [ur-ee-er], eyes (indefinite plural)Øynene [ur-ee-ene], the eyes (definite plural)Nese(n), (the) noseLeppe(t), (the) lipLepper, lips (indefinite plural)Leppene, the lips (definite plural)Mun(nen),Lebron 9 Cheap Home Communication as Teachers The Importance, the mouthTung(en), (the) tongue(en) tann, (a) toothTenner, teeth (indefinite plural)Tennene, these teeth (definite plural)Ø,Ugg Boots On Sale How to Create a Treasure Map for Children within Art Fun Lesso;re(t) [ur-re(t)],Jordan 11, (the) earØrer [ur-rer], earsØrene [ur-rene], the ears(et) øyenbryn [ur-ee-en-briyn],one eyebrowØyenbryner [ur-ee-en-briyn-er], eyebrows (indefinite plural)Øyenbrynene [ur-ee-en-briyn-ene], the eyebrows (definite plural)Hr(et), hairSkjegg(et) [shehg(-et)], (the) beardBart(en), (the) moustacheHals(en), (the) neck likewise (the) larynx)Talking About the Limbs
Because there are two of each limb, it is common to find irregular pluralization of words while discussing them. In Norwegian,erratic plurals harvest up while discussing the feet (føtter) and the toes (tr).
Arm(en), (the) armArmer,weapon (indefinite plural)Armene, the weapon (definite plural)Ben(et), (the) legBener,thighs (indefinite plural)Benene, the legs (definite plural)Fot(en), (the) footFøtter [furt-ter], feet (indefinite plural memorandum the distinction between singular and plural)Føttene [furt-tene], the feet (definite plural memorandum the distinction between singular and plural)Hnd(en) [hon(den) memo the "d"is silent unless among the definite singular], (the) handHnder [honder], hands (indefinite plural)Hndene [hondene], the hands (definite plural)F
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