Sexy/Dangerous. Beverly Jenkins. HarperTorch, College Thanksgiving. Nov 2006. 343 pages. $6.99 US. ISBN 978-0-06-081899-9.

Deadly Sexy. Beverly Jenkins,Cheap Lebron 9. Avon Books. Nov 2007, 375 pages. $6.99 US. ISBN 978-0-06-124639-5.
Two Rottweilers and a Gun
What more could a girl paucity In Sexy/Dangerous, a African-American romantic romance thats always Maxine "Max" Blake, ex-marine and ex-cop, wants,along least until shes assigned to safeguard scientist Dr. Adam Gary. His work in designing a top-secret world-revolutionizing chip of technology has put him in the sights of a South African terrorist team They intend to use Adams model surrounded acts of terrorism to restore apartheid South Africa. The government agency sent to protect him,Foamposites 2012, Max finds Adam doesnt want her protection,merely Max namely determined perdition obtain it; come a broken-down house falling to muddle a mouthy assistant with matrimony on the brain,or sharpshooter snipers,Cheap Lebron 9 Shoes.
Home Cooking and Great Legs
Her home cooking and great, long legs Max wins Adam over, as he wins her over himself. But subsequently two divorces, Max isnt seeing as anything serious,no matter how the long, sweet lovin blows their minds. Max isnt sure she wants to give up swatting mosquitoes within third world jungles taking out wrong guys, what she calls The Life. And Adams converge aboard research and chart leaves not room to be tied down, even along some fine lookin sistah. Especially an as dangerous as Max, a spook, and a killer. But Maxs 1st priority namely to reserve Adam living long enough as both of them to acknowledge whats among them goes deeper than equitable between the sheets.
A Michigan James Bond
From high-amped automobile chases across the state of Michigan to the White House, Sexy/Dangerous is peppery from first page to last. Jenkins style and sense of pacing makes the story feel favor visiting with your best girlfriends and riding along with James Bond all at once.

Deadly Sexy
Read aboard Romantic Suspense Fiction Overture Announces Release Date of Let Me In The Romance Genre Defined
A high-powered sports agency falls in adore with a aged cop while he picks her up in his big rig aboard the freeway subsequently her automobile crashes down among this American-American romantic legend a companion book to Jenkins Sexy/Dangerous.
Sports and Ice Cream
The chemistry among Jessi Teresa, "call me JT," Blake and Reese Anthony is immediate and incendiary while they encounter alongside the expressway And nevertheless their jobs conflict, occupational concerns are burned away surrounded the attendance of their passion. But a crazed rival sports agency isnt so accessible roasted. Bobby "G3"is determined to demolish JT,whether it takes a calculator virus alternatively a bomb But Reese, working amid his capability as retired cop aboard loan to the sports commission for the investigation of a assassinate of a janitor, isnt after hours let anything happen to this woman hes swiftly come to admire Both Reese and JT are tepid believable roles and their cast of friends and home acquaint you crave homemade butter pecan ice emulsion and French cake in this culinary-heavy morsel.
Sexy/Dangerous and Deadly Sexy ties into Jenkins previous go The Taming of Jessi Rose and A Chance At Love. Jenkins work covers a string of strong-willed woman loving the men who prove worthy of them. If youre among the mood as some passion and lofty screenplay,elect up an of Beverly Jenkins books They never disappoint.
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